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With stolen top-secret technology, terrorists have created a next-generation Universal Soldier - an elite fighter genetically altered into a programmable killing machine. With this "UniSol" (Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski) leading the way, they seize the crippled Chernobyl nuclear reactor, threatening to unleash a lethal radioactive cloud. The only one who can stop them is Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme), a UniSol who's been decommissioned for years. Reactivated and retrained, Deveraux must make a full-out assault on the heavily armed fortress. But inside, he'll discover not one but two of these virtually indestructible warriors. Andrew Scott (Dolph Lundgren), Deveraux's vicious UniSol enemy from the original Universal Soldier, has been secretly reanimated and upgraded. Now, these elite fighters are locked, loaded and programmed to kill; and the fate of millions hinges on this high-action showdown.
When terrorists threaten nuclear catastrophe, the world's only hope is to reactivate decommissioned Universal Soldier Luc Deveraux. Rearmed and reprogrammed, Deveraux must take on his nemesis from the original Universal Soldier and a next-generation "UniSol".
This was great entertainment, Story:well scripted to avoid the many pitfalls the this kind of movie could have fallen in to. More layering and character development that you could ever expect from a film like this. Acting: no Oscars gonna be won here… but hey it&#39;s a JCVD flick and he and the rest of the cast do a good job in it. Action (fights): No Jason Bourne, or Taken, but pretty close!, you can see how much went in to choreography and rehearsal, very well done. Production: Nice cutting, great timing, superb use of location. Maybe the only weakish spot was the score, it sometimes felt out of context and/or under-produced.<br/><br/>Anyway: Director sure knew what he was doing here, and i liked it a lot.<br/><br/>Please Mr Hymas (Sr and Jr?) find a big budget, a great script and go do a Jason Bourne movie!
I didn&#39;t say &#39;forget the original Unisol&#39; because &#39;Regeneration&#39; is better. It is not! It&#39;s just no use comparing the two. Universal Soldier (1992)had everything from action to dark humor. Could be the best Van Damme film ever. Those days are long gone…<br/><br/>We have to accept Unisol 3 for what it is: a small budget action film.<br/><br/>The positive comes first: There are some great fight scenes! (Van Damme vs. Lundgren, Arlovski vs. Van Damme and Pyle vs. Arlovski) There are some interesting characters other than the Unisols. And last but not least, Van Damme and Lundgren back together is a treat no matter what.<br/><br/>Now the negative: There is no memorable villain. Arlovski is obviously the villain, what with him being near unbeatable and evil and all. But he&#39;s got zero villain appeal. He&#39;s just plain boring. Andrew Scott was the perfect villain back in the 90ies. My God did I love that character. In 2009 there&#39;s little left. Dolph lundgren&#39;s role is too limited and he has not enough space to &#39;have a purpose&#39; in the movie. We don&#39;t know why he&#39;s in the movie any more than his character does. The only two real villains (REAL characters) are the Commander and the Doc but they get killed off by their own people. Jean-Claude Van Damme&#39;s character starts off interesting. But once the actions begins, the movie forgets about him completely and is only interested in his moves. (Which still look great BTW)<br/><br/>So I&#39;m not criticizing the production values of the movie but the way the characters are drawn. A bit more development would have been great.<br/><br/>Let&#39;s see what &#39;A new dimension&#39; will be like…
It might, in fact, be the best straight-to-DVD action movie ever made. And the fact that there’s any competition for that title should tell you that times have changed.
Yes. &quot;Universal Soldier: Regeneration&quot; (2009) has retconned &quot;The Return&quot; to the point none of the events of the movie ever happened in the main Universal Soldier continuity. &quot;The Return&quot; is now a self-contained alternate universe.<br/><br/><ul><li>For instance, in &quot;Regeneration&quot; it is strongly hinted that Luc Deveraux never reverted to the &quot;human&quot; state, nor such process is ever possible to accomplish.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>In &quot;Regeneration&quot; it is apparent Luc never had a daughter as once depicted in &quot;The Return&quot;, nor he seems able to psychologically adjust to human life again and mate as a &quot;normal&quot; people.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Even more importantly, in &quot;Regeneration&quot; it is officially stated that the N.G.U. project (&quot;The White Tower&quot;) is just the second attempt at producing UniSols, not the third one.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Finally, you can notice in &quot;The Return&quot; Luc displays white/gray streaks in his hair that are nowhere to be seen in &quot;Regeneration&quot;.</li></ul><br/><br/>Generally speaking, &quot;Regeneration&quot; totally ignores &quot;The Return&quot; and even contradicts it. Yes, but it is implied in the movie that this is a clone of Andrew Scott, not the original person. When the container he is being transported in is opened, the scientist says, &quot;We&#39;ve come a long way from regenerating sheep.&quot;
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